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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here's an idea...

We should sell BO memorabilia to raise the $ Trillions it'll take to get us out of this mess.

One thing that seems to not get mentioned by ANYONE on either side is that this is NOT BO's mess! If you're going to blame the top uns, and the Right certainly seems hell bent on it--because there's little else they can do, other than grab as much for themselves as possible--at least blame the right one; the one who's been supporting a $10 million/mo. war, off the books, for the last, oh, 6 years. You got it; Bushy! More likely his #2, also known as puppetmaster, Cheney. Doesn't really matter, does it? What's important is ow to fix it.

And that's the sticker, isn't it? Economists are yelling spend more, and all at once, or spend nothing and cut more rich people's taxes so they can let it piddle down to the poor (am I sounding biased?). Politicians are yelling--mostly mindless sound and fury on BOTH sides, signifying nothing. And the media is looking for the worst case scenarios to make it all look wonderfully dramatic. Is anyone doing anything "constructive"? BO, just might be. Though I'm not sure I believe it's as bad as it looks.

I know people all over this country. I don't know folks who have to go to soup kitchens. I know folks who are tightening their belts, but even the folks I know who own businesses--those entrepreneurs in the most trouble--who are doing okay. The restaurants in my town are still crowded on Saturday nights. None of us are happy about our grocery bills, but none of us are dying of starvation in dust bowl huts, either. Can anyone put a reality check on this? It seems to me, the only folks who have the chance of doing that (the media, the politicians, the economists) have the most to gain; they're keeping their jobs by telling us how bad it is.

Is ANYONE interested in the truth?

Seems to me the truth is the economy sucks, but fear-mongering sucks worse! It sucks the little left of the economy down the drain! It sucks the energy out of people who would otherwise be motivated to change things. It sucks the life out of us all. Can we just stop it? We can, and then we can sell BO memorabilia AND "I survived the depression" buttons.

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