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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feeling sorry for John McCain

In a way, you have to feel sorry for John McCain.

It's not that he's not qualified or even that his loss is assured. It isn't. There is a real race here, but still...

I feel sorry for John McCain because in any other election year, he would be the great reformer. His role would be of the outsider fighting Washington--and all the bad stuff that "Washington" means. And you have to feel sorry for him because had he run instead of Georgie Porgie, he would have won in 2000 and would have had a chance in 2004. --And he wouldn't have been running as the geriatric candidate.

I feel sorry for John McCain because he knows all this. He is aware that he is running against the man even the Kennedys consider to be the new JFK. He knows that race is no longer an issue. He knows that regardless of the fact that we--as a nation--know little about what Obama really stands for, we LOVE listening to him. As the leader of the Center Right Party in the UK put it this morning, "He is a great orator." And you don't get that kind of compliment from a Brit easily.

Obama is a great orator. I, for one, LOVE listening to him speak. I don't always care to pay attention to the message, and goodness knows I don't always agree, but I always listen.

In comparison, McCain is starting to sound like a pugnacious child putting up his dukes and waiting for the fight to start. His past week has been spent in trying to attack Obama--whether because he has gone to the MidEast after stating his position rather than going and then stating his position--a statement that would have more credibility if the PM of Iraq didn't agree with Obama's position.

So I feel sorry for McCain. Though I am certain that the majority of my fellow Floridians who are Democrats will vote for him--just because Obama was party to the mass disenfranchisement practiced by the DNC on the Democrats of this state--unfortunately, most of Florida's Republicans will be voting for Bob Barr.