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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Desde Zapateria Bush

For the non-Spanish speakers among us: "From the Bush Shoe Store"

So. What's wrong with shrugging off the size10s that flew at him and laughing at it as an "act of someone trying to get attention"?

It provides empirical evidence that Bush has learned nothing from his foray into Friedman School Shock & Awe -- and from its near abject failure (nearly everywhere it's ever been used).

What's wrong with saying one is "abandoning free market ideals to preserve the free market"?

It, too, provides proof that the model (again, Friedman School Economics Free Market and no other) is what needs fixing, not the moment. If the free market as practiced by Friedmanites worked, we wouldn't be in this hell hole. We are here because they made it look pretty on paper.

It works on paper.

Humans, however, don't.


RightGirl said...

Thanks to Bush, we may not be able to afford decent shoes for many years to come.


Mickey said...

Heard on "Wait,Wait, Don't Tell Me," an NPR program: Someone wondered why Bush didn't duck and run off after the first shoe came at him. The response was that "he was still doing the math."