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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My "babies"

So I've suggested to one of my students that a blog is a perfect place to share pics of her doggie. And that, of course, leads me to share pics of my "babies." My honey likes to point out to me that it's just as silly for me to call them babies as it is for people to dress their dogs. Worse, he says, I insist on talking to them and for them. I never thought I would be this insane.

Don't get me wrong. I always knew I was insane. I've been off for a long time. I like it that way; normal people are usually boring. But I always thought people who talked to their pets were way off. And yet.

And yet, every night, before I go to sleep, I put the babies--read dogs--up on the bed and then take each one in my lap and ask what kind of day he had. Mostly, it started as a way of calming the two so they would fall asleep faster instead of wrestling--on me. But I think i take it seriously now. Still, it must be good for them if it works. They know, when I get in bed and put them in my lap and pet them and talk gently to them that it's time to settle down. When I say "all right," they immediately get off my lap and head for the "puppy section"--read foot--of the bed and lie down. I always finish with "lie down go boom." but they usually are down by then. Still, if they're over-excited, I just have to say "lie down go boom" once or twice and they will.

I have now both admitted to my insanity and defended it. Yowza. Good thing they're so damned cute. Don't believe me? Check out the pic!


jnlyon said...

I pretty much treat my dog like a baby too. Today I took her to petsmart to get groomed and about started crying cause I left her just shaking not knowing what was going on...until my boyfriend reminded me that she was just a DOG which at that point I had to suck it and find something to pass an hour by.

WesleyBower said...

I like how you admitted you were insane, and i agree about normal people being boring. I've never had a pet dog, I've always wanted one. As soon as i can get my own place ill definately get one.

BNBROWN said...

I'm not a big fan of big dogs but yours aren't that big and they are so cute. One day I plan to get a small dog like yours(on the right) or a tacobell dog.